• Canada charitable organization

    It is our understanding that BiblicalTraining.org does not qualify to register as a charitable organization in Canada because our organization is established and resident outside of Canada.
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  • Certificates - Certificate Registration

    Register to establish an account by clicking on the Getting Started heading then on the "create an account" link. Then click on the Certificates heading and click on either the Biblical Training or Western Seminary Links to choose the certificate you want to take. Then click on the "enroll now" link and sign up. If you want to apply for a scholarship, click on the "Scholarships for the Majority World" link and complete the information. We offer a certificate of completion, but the classes aren't transferrable for college or seminary credits and we don't offer a degree.
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  • Certificates - General

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  • Community Help

    Questions and answers. Ask questions, vote, and watch the community answer.
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  • Feature Requests

    Ideas and requests for new features. Suggest ideas. Vote for the best. See what's planned.
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  • Resources for visually impaired

    If you are seeking Braille or large print Bibles, you can contact Lutheran Braille Workers through their website at https://www.lbwloveworks.org/who-we-help/organizations/ or by calling them at 1-800-925-6092.  They are also compiling a list of other Christian ministries which serve the visually impaired in some way.
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  • Tips & Tricks

    Various tips and tricks from users. Vote for the most helpful tips.
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