Will there be a new BiblicalTraining App?

Yes, we will be launching a new BiblicalTraining App for both iOS and Android.  The new app will allow you easily find and download content to enjoy when you are away from an internet connection.  


For current app users, we appreciate your patience as we make this happen. The new app is a major design and functionality upgrade, adding increased accessibility and usability. It will replace the app
currently in the Google Play and App Store, which means that you will need to download it when it becomes available. The good news is that it will retain all the progress you made. The not-so-good news is that it won't keep all your downloaded files, bummer we know, and we apologize. We appreciate you using our app and look forward to hearing from you soon.


We don't have a definitive launch date at this time, however,  feel free to signup and we will keep you updated on the latest developments.  You can also see what it will look like here.


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