What are the responsibilities of the Spiritual Support Team?

The Spiritual Support Team helps people requesting prayer and seeking biblical resources. If you would enjoy encouraging and praying for others as part of the team, we urge you to find your place on the team and help grow people's faith in Christ.


We are glad you are interested in being a part of the Spiritual Support Team. We would like those who join this team to understand who BiblicalTraining is and the tone of voice we desire to communicate consistently throughout our engagements with our visitors. To maintain the tone of voice that is true to who we are and establish real connections with our audience, we have created communication guidelines.


Communication Guidelines:

  • Listen with kindness, grace, and patience.
  • Empower and uplift. We encourage our audience to continue their journey to discover more content.
  • Motivate. We’re here to share the Gospel message in a manner that is engaging and educational.
  • Friendly yet informative. We inject some personality into our brand voice to help BiblicalTraining be approachable and accessible by all.
  • We value the local church. When needed, encourage those who call to find and connect with a local church that preaches the word of God.



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