What are the responsibilities of The Localization Team?

The Localization Team translates texts from English into another language. This includes emails, class content, blog posts, app menus, and buttons. If you are bilingual and enjoy using BiblicalTraining in your language, consider serving on the Localization Team.


One of our values is excellence. Being a part of the Localization Team means following guidelines and maintaining this standard of excellence. It is important that our content, after we translate it, remains exceptional.


Translation Guidelines:

  1. Acknowledge throughout the translation BiblicalTraining.org as the source of the material.
  2. Include the name of the person and organization producing the translation and that BiblicalTraining.org has not verified the accuracy of the translation.
  3. Email us a copy of the translation and other resources you produce in an editable format (e.g., Microsoft Word, Pages (apple), etc.).
  4. If you are producing study questions, please include the following elements:
    1. Restate in your own words the main points of the lecture
    2. Reflect on how the part of Scripture you studied and the insights in the lecture help you know more about God and experience his love for you.
    3. Write out specific ways God is speaking to you about how you can love and serve others better in your immediate circumstances.
  5. We would appreciate receiving video, audio, or written testimonials of how the resources of BiblicalTraining.org are encouraging people to pursue God and the specific ways the Spirit is leading them to love and serve others.



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