Who is Okanagan Bible College?

BiblicalTraining has partnered with Okanagan Bible College in Canada to provide theological degrees based on BiblicalTraining content. Find out more about earning a degree through OBC here. 



Okanagan Bible College is a recognized Theological college located in British Columbia, Canada, that offers degrees under a charter granted by the Ministry of Advanced Education from the Government of British Columbia.

The degrees they offer are based upon BiblicalTraining institute-level content. When participating in their programs, they provide a mentoring model for evaluating your progress. They work both with local and online students offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in theology. You can contact them at http://okanaganbiblecollege.ca.



The purpose of OBC is to prepare men and women to be faithful ministers of Christ in the Church and society at large. We believe in the conviction that God has acted redemptively in human history. In light of this truth, we feel called to prepare our students to be ambassadors of that redemption

in our world.

We seek to strengthen and deepen the spiritual life of students through learning, mentorship, and other academic activities, engaging them in critical discussions about the Bible and Theology, thus equipping them for faith, life, and service in today's world.



OBC was founded in 1974 and existed as a destination campus in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia until 1995. Since then, OBC has moved to a new online education model.


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